Where we are!

8 Oct

Hello! Long time no news!

Well, first of all we have officially expanded to NYC and our inaugural event was a ball. We are so excited to be serving two communities and cannot wait to see what happens in the future.

As to right now Well, DFW get ready for our Sugar Cookie Gala on Dec 7th at the Dallas Children’s Theatre. As always, family friendly and fun. We’ll have food, drink, fun and entertainment. Save the date and keep a look out for details coming soon.

NYC look for a fun event coming in February! We can’t wait to create more fun.

ALSO We have a need in our community! Please help our friend Jason Kane. There’s a link to his GoFundMe below. He’s a good guy who has had a rough go of it. He was a full-time caretaker for his mother and grandmother. He’s been out pursuing his dreams and goals and has hit some bumps in the road. Please consider helping him get back on his feet!



Charlie Greenman

3 Aug

Didn’t make it to the Gideon’s Feet event last Sunday at the to support the Greenman Family at the Dallas Children’s Theater? GOOD NEWS…you can still support them!!!

Gideon’s Feet is throwing our energy behind raising awareness of the Greenman Family’s GoFundMe page. Come join in and let’s get 5-year-old Charlie Greenman his handicap-accessible van!

ANY amount helps this family….can you give $5?

Raise money for Charlie’s handicapped accessible van! Hi there! I’m Sarah, Charlie’s mom. A LITTLE ABOUT CHARLIE:  Charlie Greenman was born on…

Walking East

3 Aug

Hey NYC friends. Gideon’s Feet is heading East!
Our first NYC event is coming on Sunday, August 30th.
The evening features Tony winner James Monroe Iglehart and will be co-hosted by his Aladdin castmate Brian Gonzales.
7:30 pm-10pm in the New Am Room at the New Amsterdam Theater. Love to see you there!
More details to follow. Stay tuned!!
We’re very excited to expand our reach!
We’ve already given 2,000 dollars in aid to some NYC folks, and now we’re having our first official event. So please, NYC friends: spread the word to other NYC friends.
Or DFW folks, plan a vacation!!

Tickets Now Available for The 4th Annual SUGAR COOKIE GALA!

13 Nov

Event Page Sugar Cookie Gala PNG

The Steps We’ve Taken

8 Nov

Hey everybody! First of all a giant thank you for everyone who has donated and who came out to help Zak Reynolds! He received over $1,200 in donations to help defray his medical costs. WOW!!

Please mark your calendars for Dec 8th to come to The Sugar Cookie Gala at the home of our event sponsors the Dallas Children’s Theatre. Kick off your holiday season with us at our family friendly event. We  will have eats, drinks, activities, a silent auction and live performances. Tickets are a minimum donation of  $10 (details on purchasing them coming soon) and the Gala is from 7-930 so you can come and still be fresh for school and work the next day. Details will be posted here and on FB ASAP.

As we come into the holiday season and approach a new year, we thought it might be nice to reflect on the last few years and remember some of the folks we’ve been honored enough to help.  For those of you who are new to Gideon’s Feet you can hear what we’ve been up to. For those who’ve walked with us it’ll be nice to see some of what we’ve accomplished.

.   SRK

First up is Stephanie Riggs Kirkham.

Stephanie is the lifeblood of her theatre company, Our Productions Theatre Co.,  and  her  theatre school  She and her husband, Scott, work so hard to enrich their community through the art they produce and the children that they educate. When Stephanie was in a car accident that nearly cost her her life, her family needed some time and support for her to heal.

This is what Stephanie had to say :

” Gideon’s Feet was a true blessing after my accident, where I was struck from behind by a semi-truck. Not being able to work, and having medical bills piling up quickly, Gideon’s Feet stepped in and provided meals for my family (including my two small children) and hosted a musical benefit performance with my students to raise much needed funds. My family and I are so, so grateful for their assistance in our time of need. A meal given, a bill paid, songs sung – all comfort and love for myself, and others in need in our community.” –  Stephanie

we’ve walked so far

18 Oct

Well, I cannot believe another year has flown by. Tomorrow is Gideon’s 4th birthday. I cannot even begin to tell you how shocking it is to me that we’re four years out….it feels like yesterday and yet like a lifetime ago.

In four years we have, formed a 501c3, learned a lot about running it, done 10 + events, provided meals, and raised over $16,000 for folks in DFW’s theatre community. This journey is not always easy, but I see that it is always good. Gideon’s Little footprints that I wear on a chain around my neck are such a powerful reminder that small things can have a big impact. Whether it be a kind word, $5 to someone who needs it, singing at a charity event, volunteering time, or a 1lb 1 oz boy who changed the lives of his family…small things matter.  Those little footprints were so powerful in my life and I want my footprints left in the lives of others to have even a little of that power.

Brian and Simon and I will be celebrating Gideon’s impact on our lives with chocolate muffins and french fries tomorrow…that’s all I could keep down when I was pregnant with our first born….and we invite you to join us.Better yet, walk out tomorrow and let your footsteps echo in someones life for good. Be the good news for someone in need or in trouble for that is what makes us celebrate the most.

Please continue to walk with us and  love on my people…the creative souls in the world that allow us to escape ourselves or see ourselves or our circumstances and know we aren’t alone. We want to say that we are always here to walk with you as others have walked with us. One step is all it takes to get started….and suddenly you are four years down the road and stronger every day.

When our dream was shattered on that day I truly thought that there would never be another, but God showed me new dreams and new depths and even new heights. I am so humbled to be the mother of two special boys who inspire me to be better and to do more and walk farther each day. I hope that Gideon’s Feet inspires even a little of that somewhere for someone else.


Happy birthday EZ. Until we meet on the beautiful shore.

Standing with friends

15 May

Well friends, it’s been a while since I wrote…as usual, but rest assured we are always working and growing here at Gideon’s Feet . God is using this venture to teach me and the board so many things. Here’s the latest.

Our family and the families at Providence school have been walking with a sweet young teacher named Anne as she carried a trisomy 13 baby. Trisomy 13 is an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality. When it is present, if the baby makes it to term, and survives the process of birth they likely live  only hours. On, May 13th Ava Elizabeth was born and was snuggled and adored by her mom and dad for the few hours of her life here before she passed on to life eternal. If you’d like to read about some truly amazing faith Anne has blogged at babyublog.com.  Now, Anne is a Christian so if that’s not you….I’d encourage reading it either way. Her grace, honesty and strength will blow your mind.

Now, what does this have to do with Gideon’s Feet moving forward and helping people in the arts community? Well, this…It has renewed my purpose and re-centered my focus. As I have had the honor to email with Anne over the last few months and to walk with her a bit it has brought back all of Gideon with such immediacy. It has reminded me how great a need for help can be.  I’m told that Anne said,  “I don’t know how I’m going to even begin to process this pain”…..OH MY do I relate. I said to Brian while I was still in the hospital that I didn’t know how to do this…his response “You’re already doing it” I tell you this to tell you that going back to that moment has reminded me how much what we’re doing is needed and that though I often don’t know how to do this….I AM doing it! We are seeing God bring the people and ideas that we need to grow and do a better and more efficient job. We have Martin Mussey (like his fb page here https://www.facebook.com/2MCoaching !) who is our new business coach…y’all…what an answer to prayer. We have fun new  events in the works, we have Amy Stevenson giving donations from Mama’s Party on a fairly regular basis and we were just able to give a flat-out grant at the end of April. This is the second hardest thing I’ve ever done this helping thing. And honestly, I have tried to quit more than once, but God says no every time and He sends encouragement and help….so we want to do the same. Send and be encouragement and help. We will stand with you until you can walk forward again.

NOW….here’s the thing…God made us to be in relationship and community so..we cannot do this alone. We need YOU! I hope you will all continue to walk with us and help us help. I’m looking forward to having a really fun event in the fall…and I hope you will all attend and bring friends! Our parties are fun y’all AND it’s good karma…so win /win right?  For a daily dose of inspiration, like us on FB. We’re posting cool words and updates regularly.

Thank you for standing with us as we stand with others. We are growing every day!