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You Can Help: Go Fund Me for Marianne Galloway

13 Sep

Hi everyone! 

Gideon’s Feet is raising money to support Marianne Galloway and her sweet family. Here’s the quick, bottom line version of events:

Marianne’s house had major flood damage due to snowmageddon which lead to the discovery of a myriad of different issues that needed to be handled. While working on house demo, Marianne was exposed to mold and now is greatly affected by mold toxicity.

She has also been diagnosed with probable MS and has gone in 2 months from the amazing, hammer wielding house demo goddess to an amazing , wise cracking, wheelchair bound goddess. There are treatments that she needs, but the cost is quite high…like black market kidney cost high…so…WE CAN HELP!!!

I know this time has been hard for so many of us financially but if we all help, even a little, we can make a HUGE difference in the life of this family. Thank you for giving and sharing. To know Marianne is to love her. She is so giving, and so amazingly creative and fun. Let’s give back!!

To donate and share the GO FUND ME, click here.