Some great steps!

6 Jan

Hey guys!! SO the Gala was a blast, as always, and we raised a good amount towards our mission. Thank you to all who attended and donated. Remember, you can donate here on our website anytime!

Here’s what were up to now.

We just finished a successful GoFundMe campaign for 17 year old DFW actor, Kellen Miller, who was loosing his eyesight. You guys raised more than enough to cover his surgery, medications, special contacts and lodgings for his folks during his surgery in Dallas. I’m so proud to be a small part of helping him.

Here’s what we’re doing now!!

Mark Silverbeg and May Ehlinger need help. Mark has been battling cancer for 5 years and Mary has battled cancer in that time as well. They need some support for medical expenses. Here’s their story and the gofundme we’ve started for them. If you can help, please do and please share their story. That helps so much too!


Happy New Year from us. We are already having a great 2017 watching people care about and support one another



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