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Meet the Team part 3

10 Sep

MARIANNE GALLOWAY (Actor/Director/Mom)

How did the arts drew you in?
They’ve always been part of my life.

Why you believe in what we do and why you help do it?
A life in the performing arts can inherently be very self-focused. When we take proactive steps to expand our scope beyond the Self and take in the personal, off-stage lives of our fellow artists, we engage with our community on a deeper, more profound level. I believe this engagement strengthens the core of an arts community, and that core strength emits a ripple effect the limits of which are boundless.

What inspires you?
Those who push beyond their perceived limitations. Those who help me see Life and Humanity through a different perspective than my own narrow one. My children.

What you do in the organization?
Board Member and Annual Chair of the Sugar Cookie Gala Silent Auction

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