Meet the Team part 2

13 Aug

**MEET THE TEAM** A look into the people who make Gideon’s Feet happen.

Tripp Hanson (Acupuncturist)

What draws you to the arts?
It’s no longer my day job, though it was for 25 years…but still treat many of the Broadway community, and feel that- like my original connection- it’s still my tribe. I’m just a medicine man now, instead of being one of the warriors!

Why you believe in what we do and why you help do it: having been an performer/artist,
I know how long and winding the road can be; and how so often the personal resources are limited. I also lived through the the darkest days of the AIDS crisis, when so many were lost, and there were so many who didn’t have access to the basics to meet their very dire needs. While it’s a different time now, that period of loss and shock taught me, taught us, a lot about taking care of each other in a grass roots kind of way. That stays with me….

What inspires you?
Big question. At the root of it all, I guess I’d say connection. Connection to purpose, connection to others, especially when that can be in a collaborative way. I’d add to that education…helping people understand the deeper causes of illness, and how to be involved in their own healing.”

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