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we’ve walked so far

18 Oct

Well, I cannot believe another year has flown by. Tomorrow is Gideon’s 4th birthday. I cannot even begin to tell you how shocking it is to me that we’re four years out….it feels like yesterday and yet like a lifetime ago.

In four years we have, formed a 501c3, learned a lot about running it, done 10 + events, provided meals, and raised over $16,000 for folks in DFW’s theatre community. This journey is not always easy, but I see that it is always good. Gideon’s Little footprints that I wear on a chain around my neck are such a powerful reminder that small things can have a big impact. Whether it be a kind word, $5 to someone who needs it, singing at a charity event, volunteering time, or a 1lb 1 oz boy who changed the lives of his family…small things matter. ┬áThose little footprints were so powerful in my life and I want my footprints left in the lives of others to have even a little of that power.

Brian and Simon and I will be celebrating Gideon’s impact on our lives with chocolate muffins and french fries tomorrow…that’s all I could keep down when I was pregnant with our first born….and we invite you to join us.Better yet, walk out tomorrow and let your footsteps echo in someones life for good. Be the good news for someone in need or in trouble for that is what makes us celebrate the most.

Please continue to walk with us and ┬álove on my people…the creative souls in the world that allow us to escape ourselves or see ourselves or our circumstances and know we aren’t alone. We want to say that we are always here to walk with you as others have walked with us. One step is all it takes to get started….and suddenly you are four years down the road and stronger every day.

When our dream was shattered on that day I truly thought that there would never be another, but God showed me new dreams and new depths and even new heights. I am so humbled to be the mother of two special boys who inspire me to be better and to do more and walk farther each day. I hope that Gideon’s Feet inspires even a little of that somewhere for someone else.


Happy birthday EZ. Until we meet on the beautiful shore.