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Standing with friends

15 May

Well friends, it’s been a while since I wrote…as usual, but rest assured we are always working and growing here at Gideon’s Feet . God is using this venture to teach me and the board so many things. Here’s the latest.

Our family and the families at Providence school have been walking with a sweet young teacher named Anne as she carried a trisomy 13 baby. Trisomy 13 is an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality. When it is present, if the baby makes it to term, and survives the process of birth they likely live  only hours. On, May 13th Ava Elizabeth was born and was snuggled and adored by her mom and dad for the few hours of her life here before she passed on to life eternal. If you’d like to read about some truly amazing faith Anne has blogged at  Now, Anne is a Christian so if that’s not you….I’d encourage reading it either way. Her grace, honesty and strength will blow your mind.

Now, what does this have to do with Gideon’s Feet moving forward and helping people in the arts community? Well, this…It has renewed my purpose and re-centered my focus. As I have had the honor to email with Anne over the last few months and to walk with her a bit it has brought back all of Gideon with such immediacy. It has reminded me how great a need for help can be.  I’m told that Anne said,  “I don’t know how I’m going to even begin to process this pain”…..OH MY do I relate. I said to Brian while I was still in the hospital that I didn’t know how to do this…his response “You’re already doing it” I tell you this to tell you that going back to that moment has reminded me how much what we’re doing is needed and that though I often don’t know how to do this….I AM doing it! We are seeing God bring the people and ideas that we need to grow and do a better and more efficient job. We have Martin Mussey (like his fb page here !) who is our new business coach…y’all…what an answer to prayer. We have fun new  events in the works, we have Amy Stevenson giving donations from Mama’s Party on a fairly regular basis and we were just able to give a flat-out grant at the end of April. This is the second hardest thing I’ve ever done this helping thing. And honestly, I have tried to quit more than once, but God says no every time and He sends encouragement and help….so we want to do the same. Send and be encouragement and help. We will stand with you until you can walk forward again.

NOW….here’s the thing…God made us to be in relationship and community so..we cannot do this alone. We need YOU! I hope you will all continue to walk with us and help us help. I’m looking forward to having a really fun event in the fall…and I hope you will all attend and bring friends! Our parties are fun y’all AND it’s good karma…so win /win right?  For a daily dose of inspiration, like us on FB. We’re posting cool words and updates regularly.

Thank you for standing with us as we stand with others. We are growing every day!