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walking with a limp

28 Jul

Well,  I am so bad at keeping up with all of this, but I will endeavor to do better. There has been so much happening in the last couple of weeks and the DFW theatre community has been broken hearted with loss. Last Wednesday 8 year old daughter of Penny Dew, DTC Costumer, succumbed to an as yet unidentified medical condition that required several surgeries that her little body just could not recover from. Today, our dear friend and help recipient, Ryan Roach,  passed after a massive stroke.  As a good friend of ours was told after the devastating loss of his child….you’ll keep walking, but you’ll always walk with a limp. And that’s us DFW….after the losses this last year or two…we’re walking…but we are definitely limping.

Penny and her family are dear, positive, loving and fun folks. If you have ever worked with Penny, you know how wonderful she is.  On Aug 19th we’ll be teaming up with super supporter Amy Stevenson at Mama’s Party to love on The Dew family. PLEASE come and let’s support her family as they pick up the pieces and begin the long road ahead. They need us to walk with them now. Let’s make sure they have no worries about meeting their earthly needs and that Penny can take all the time she needs away for she and her sons to hold one another close.  $5 minimum donation at the door.


On Aug 26th We’ll be teaming up for Mama’s Party again to celebrate sweet Ryan Roach and help his family. Ryan was a dear,  dear friend and a wonderful, sweet man. The DFW community has been rocked by his passing. Ryan was warm, funny, loving and a little mischievous. His laugh was unparalleled and his hugs made everything seem brighter. His talent and his heart will be sorely missed. Ryan’s family will need our help to defray the costs of his sudden illness and passing. Let’s do the only thing we can …remember Ryan and take pressure off his loved ones left behind.

Both of these events will have info posted here and on Facebook. Also,  there are links to go fund me pages for both families posted on our facebook page as well so that if you want to help but cannot attend you can donate there. As always, we’re happy to take donations by mail and our cc server should be back up within a week….shoot me an email if you would like to donate this way.  Make check payable to Gideon’s Feet Inc and put the name of the recipient in the memo line. Address is PO BOX 472648 Garland TX 75047-2648

In other news, On August 25th Gideon’s Feet and DFW Actors give back are joining forces to raise money for Gideon’s Feet’s aid to artists in need and DFW Actors Give Back ‘s 2013 beneficiary the  Children’s Cancer fund. DFW Actor’s has chosen CCF as their beneficiary this year to honor Libby Serber, daughter of local actress and awesome gal Cara Serber, who kicked the crap out of Wilms disease this last year.  We’ll be having a fab and fun  Karaoke Party in the Gables Room at the Dallas Children’s Theater, 5938 Skillman St, from 6pm to 10 pm. It’s  $10 at the door plus any other tax deductible donation you’d like to make for these two great organizations!  Join us for snacks, beverages and fun! Check out the event page on the Gideon’s Feet Facebook page and let us know we’ll see you there. Also, check back for info about special guests and cool prizes!!

SO if you’re keeping count…that’s three events in about a week….wow. Earlier this evening I was thinking about all that needs to be done and how much need there is. I started to get overwhelmed. I started to think…how will there be enough to go around? SO much loss and so much need!! Then Simon and I were reading before bed in his Story Bible…now I know not all of you believe what I do…that’s cool… just go with me for a minute. We are reading about Elisha the profit. There is a story in II Kings about a widow who was so poor she was starving and  in such debt that her sons were going to be sold into slavery to pay it. Elisha asked her what she had…she said a little olive oil in a jar. He told her to borrow as many containers from her neighbors as she could and then pour olive oil from her jar into all the other containers. She did as she was told and she filled so many containers that she sold the oil to and not only paid the debt but had money left to live on. Wow…I was reminded that, no, if I’m doing it in and of myself there isn’t enough to go around…BUT when GOD is moving He makes enough, I also see that God used this woman’s neighbors to help…and that’s important too. We have to be willing to be used as the hands and feet of God. Please be used and help as you can. If you cannot….let us know how we can serve you. You guys  if God can use a little olive oil so mightily….how much more can He use good and willing hearts and hands willing to help