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Trying to Keep Pace

21 Mar

WOW!!! SO I have not been blogging as you know…but I think I have a few minutes to get some things put down! Simon keeps us running, and we love every minute. As we are getting accustomed to our family being one more I should be able to keep up here a bit better.

SO…We have had a busy few weeks in Gideon’s Feet world. We’ve done two grants, had a Karaoke party for us and Legacy Cottage and on Monday March 25 we have a joint event with Amy Stevenson and Mama’s Party to help yet another ailing DFW friend, Matthew Butler.  We are definitely growing and that is exciting…and a little scary. I’m learning so many new skills and getting new information on how to run this thing everyday. God has provided a fantastic lawyer, and three wonderful accountants. Our good Friend Stephanie Felton, who keeps me from pulling out my hair with papers and Steve Howard and Tom Turner of Turner, Vedrenne & Howard, CPAs. They are all a gift from God and they don’t get too frustrated when I look at them like they are speaking Martian.

I am so honored to be in service to this community and I see God growing us at just the right pace with just the right timing. We are starting to be able to grant some…which is awesome. As we have more support from the community on a more consistent basis we can begin to do that more and more. We have lots of exciting ideas for future events and for places for us to help.  And Listen guys….our events are FUN! Ask someone who has attended!! We always have a ball and it’s guilt free since it’s all for charity! SO…check us out on FB to keep up with the day-to-day goings on and I’ll try my best to keep up here. Please keep letting us know about needs in our world and we’ll do our best to mobilize help.

All the info for Monday is on FB and I’ll be putting on our event page here ASAP!!!