Leaps and Bounds

10 Aug

Hey folks!

Well…gonna blog a little differently today. I am posting a youtube clip sent to me by my friend and GFEET Bord Member JoAnn. This is from a Lutheran youth conference, so hence it’s Lutheran centered, but every time this woman says Lutheran I heard follower of the true Christ.If you have a narrow view of what a true lover of God looks like…this chick will blow it away. I relate to her in so many ways and I know many of my friends in the biz will too…..even more than I do.  I know some of our Gideon’s Feet supporters are not Christians, and that is totally fine. All are welcome here to help and be helped….that’s kind of the whole point.  I hope you will listen to her speak and hear so much of my heart. Gideon’s Feet wants to meet the physical needs of my people – artists -because God calls us to clothe the naked and feed the hungry, and in doing so help  people see the immense love God has for them thru our small acts of service.  Enjoy Nadia Bolz-Weber…..





founder – Gideon’s Feet


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