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The Good and the Bad

25 Mar

Hey everybody…so sorry it’s been so long, but lots and lots  has been happening. Some good and some definitely not.
Let’s start with the good. Most of you know, but just to make it official..Gideon’s baby brother or sister is on the way. We’re thrilled, and terrified, and so glad for the opportunity to feel all of it. Baby G2 is expected in the fall and your prayers for peace and a healthy baby are so appreciated. It means that my mobility will be somewhat restricted, but I am still working hard on getting things moving here. There is much to do as you will see.
Now the Bad. This last week we set the date for a fundraiser for Vicki Cheatwood and Mark Daves. Vicki is a playwright here in DFW and we were all set to assist in medical bills to help with Mark’s battle with cancer. Sadly, Mark passed the same day our date was announced on facebook. He leaves behind his wife Vicki, his 15 year old twins, Ethan and Caleb, and a host of other family and friends who loved him. Folks, this family will still need and get our help. Please keep an eye open for what you can do to participate. I am just awaiting the family’s word on what is most needed and would be most healing. Please, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks and months…and beyond. Grieving is the hardest work there is, and they’ll be working at it long after we’ve all moved forward…so let’s try to keep them in our hearts for as long as we can.
Sadly, we have more bad news. Walter Lemmons announced this week that he has stage 3 esophageal cancer. Anyone who has ever performed at the Patty Granville Arts Center knows Walter from his work in the building. I have known him since I was a teenager. Folks, we’re gonna help Walter too. Just waiting to see where that help needs to fall as he undergoes Chemo and radiation and later…surgery to repair his damaged esophagus. HIs first need is a hospital bed or something like it for his home. He is currently sleeping in a chair to accommodate his need to sleep propped up. If anyone has one, knows somebody who does, or a way to get one, please message me and let me know how I can facilitate getting it to him.
So guys…we have people climbing the mountains and it’s time for us to climb with them and for them when needed. Thank you for the amazing things that we’re going to do and thank you for helping be the hands of God to the world.