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Been too long!

25 Feb

Hey folks! I am sorry I have been so out of touch on what’s happening here. We’ve been a little crazy around here, but lemme give you a brief update. The donate button has been removed from our site temporarily as we wait for our 501c3 status. Until we have that, it is illegal for us to solicit donations online…we still won’t turn any down however, so let me know and we can accommodate you. Once we are approved, the status will be retroactive, however, so that is good news!

My sweet friend Sadie is running a 5k on March 10th on our behalf, and if you’d like to support her in her run, send me a message and I’ll let you know how to do that too! We are honored to have Sadie doing this for us, and ultimately for all the folks out there who need our help. I cannot wait to be thru with all the red tape and onto the real work.

We are looking to have an event sometime the week of April 16th honoring a DFW artist is need of our help. Once I have details and the family’s permission to publicize I will post ASAP.  This should be a really fun time, and may include a “sneak peek” of an upcoming new production. Check back often for more information!

There will be more to announce very soon, but that is all I am at liberty to share now.

Also, Just want to share that one of our friends, supporters,  faithful theatre go-er, and sometimes community theatre participant, Linda Fletcher, lost her mother this week. I want Gideon’s Feet to connect us as a community and to that end  please keep her in your prayers.



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