Stuff You’ll Wanna Run To

26 Jan

Hey everybody!

Well……..we HAVE OUR EIN!!!! Just waiting on ONE MORE piece of paper and then no more waiting.

I am looking so forward to the exciting things we have coming up, and we have our first official nominee. I’ll have specific information soon, but check back for information for our first event in honor of an artist in need. Should be in March.

Also in March/April we will be providing a service opportunity with Habitat for Humanity! We are so glad to be on their official volunteer list. If you are interested in volunteering for this please send us an email at so I can make sure you have the information when the time comes. Not sure how many folks we’ll have slots for, so lemme know!

There is more happening, but , as Gypsy Rose Lee said “Always leave ’em wanting more!” I’ll share more fun stuff as it gets closer.

Everybody, I am so thrilled that we have so much happening. When this all started, I don’t think I really thought this would be a reality, and I am so amazed at what I see God doing. I hope the board and I can keep up! Please email me ideas, nominations, feedback,thoughts, prayers…ect. I really want Gideon’s Feet to be a place of encouragement. I want us to be here to listen to and pray for you guys. I want us to enrich one another’s lives in all areas. We are designed to be in relationship with one another, not to be solitary creatures. I hope we can aid in building true communities where we help each other, and hold each other to being our best selves.  Thank you for being a part of our community. I am honored to serve you.

Ashley – Founder, Gideon’s Feet


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